The Real World Affects Your Customers

Switch to Creative B if it's cloudy
Increase daily budget if "Apple" or "iPhone" is trending

Better context

Your ads don't exist in a vacuum. People are more likely to buy a new jacket on a cold day. Or buy a TV show poster on the day the show airs.

Find corralations

We'll automatically scan for causal relationships between your ads and hundreds of potential factors

Custom data

Connect a custom data source and we'll try to find relationships between it and your ad performance

Automatic action

Approve actions that will automatically shift budgets, adjust creatives, and change audiences based on external factors

Example Data Sources

Your custom data feed can plug in as well


Weather has an effect on your customers' mood, priorities, and day. Find ways this changes your business and optimize on it.


Trending news topics can bring certain things into your customers' thoughts. General news sentiment can affect their mood.


Time of day, day of week, time of month, holidays, and other temporal factors have real impact on your customers' lives.

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